Special Offers



  • Nevelandia

    Dolomiti's biggest theme Park on snow, unique location and exclusive attractions for great fun. Loved by kids of all ages.

  • Downhill Ski

    Over 20 km of slopes to choose from, providing challenges for professionals as well as easier options for beginners. Sappada's ski college has been awarded several prizes, its staff is highly qualified and prepared to meet any request. Special attention is given to your kids with programmes created exclusively for them. NEW! Starting in 2011, a special offer will include the nearby ZONCOLAN ski area.

  • Cross Country

    Sappada is known as the "Cross Country Paradise", the place where many great olympic champions live and train. The 24k-long tracks will take you to extraordinary places among the woods, along mountain rivers, where you will enjoy incredible views and see nature at its best.

  • And for those who don't ski

    In Sappada everyone can find the ideal activity: discover nature in one of the many tours that will take you to hidden places using alpine skis or snowshoes. You don't need to be a professional, just follow one of our professional guides. Not a big fun of sports? Why don't you join one of the many snow bike tours: ride across woods and snowy fields, feel the icy breeze on your face and, at the end of the trip, enjoy the warming taste of amazing local products in one of the many mountain huts. Sappada's unique carnival: an unmissable event. The traditional festive periods lasts for three weeks, each dedicated to a different theme. Plenty of events to choose and a great opportunity to find out more about local history and traditions in a cheerful and funny atmosphere.